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niflon ptfe dispersion

packaging specification :

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product specification
physical properties

     ptfe dispersion is a kind of polytetrafluoroethylene dispersion with nonionic surface-active agents, well-known for its excellent thermal stability, outstanding chemical inertness, good electrical insulation, excellent low coefficient of friction and atmospheric aging resistance. it can be used at temperature from -200 to 260℃  continuously.

technical index:


      mainly used for coating the porous material like packing, glass fibers and filter clothe. it can also be mixed with other material for painting, anti-stick, anti-corruption or sealing. widely used for national defense, rubber, electronic and battery industries.


1). should process below 400℃ to avoid resolving poison gas

2). should shake the drum every week after three months to avoid any possible precipitation

package, transport and storage

1. packed in 25kg plastic drum

2. should be stored in clean and dry place at the temperature between 5-30℃

3.the product can be transported as non-dangerous product, while it should be protected from freezing, heat and violent vibration in transportation.

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